Increasing investment in research and development of SONAR systems

Government and major companies are heavily investing in this new technology which may give rise to the global SONAR systems and technology market growth. Constant innovation in the synthetic aperture SONARs in order to enhance the resolution quality for complementary applications and accomplishment of the various contracts is anticipated to drive the market.

Some of the major factors that are influencing the global market are enhancements in the anti-submarine warfare techniques, advancements in digital signal processing which has enhanced the underwater SONAR signal processing and communication, rising demand for sonobuoy in tactical defense operations, and advancements in active and passive SONAR technologies.

Growing SONAR industry

Increasing investment in the research, use of unmanned underwater vehicles (UUVs), and procurement in the last few years has significantly enhanced the market. UUVs have become platforms for many commercial and military applications, which include reconnaissance and mine countermeasures. This is anticipated to spur the global SONAR systems and technology market in the coming years.

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