SonarBell® has potential use in the Defence Industry for:

  • Long or indefinite deployment
  • No power source or maintenance needed.
  • Reliable test targets.
  • Suitable for hostile seas or remote location deployment.

SonarBells can be deployed for an indefinite period. This is because, unlike most transponders, they do not need battery changes and/or maintenance.

This is obviously a major operational/cost benefit in all situations. Particularly when deployed at depths or in hostile sea conditions and remote locations.

SonarBells can be designed to produce return echoes at specific target strengths. This allows them to be used as a reliable test target for sonars post manufacture or in service including in theatre for military operations.

There are many different applications in this regard, the most obvious being mine mimicking.

Mine Marking or Mine Mimicking

Low Magnetic Signature

When tasked with clearing an area suspected of containing sea mines or historical unexploded ordnance there is often significant time and resource pressure necessary  to complete the classification and marking of all targets of interest for subsequent identification or disposal.

Alternatively, the SonarBell can be manufactured and designed to resonate with the same target strength /acoustic signature as a sea mine. This could be used as a training tool or a decoy

The SonarBell has the advantage over other solutions as it is lightweight, reliable and is made from non-magnetic material.

These differences can deliver a significant improvement to operational efficiency resulting in reduced time delay before the return of commercial shipping or other commercial exploitation.